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The Redcliffe Surgery , 10 Redcliffe Street , London , SW10 9DT
Telephone: 020 7460 2222
Fax: 020 7460 0116


FAQs about Sharing Personal Information


1. What is personal information? Personal information is confidential information about individuals which includes deceased as well as living people. It includes your name, address, post code, your date of birth and your NHS number as well as details of your health and treatment.

2. How will I benefit from sharing my personal information? Healthcare professionals will know how best to treat you. You will not have to repeat your medical history every time you are treated by someone new. We will work with you as a team to make the best decisions about your diagnosis, treatment and care plan.

                                               Benefits of Sharing personal infomation

1. You won't need to repeat your medical history information every time you meet a new health professional

2. You avoid unnecessary appointments and tests

3. Your appointments are planned and test results shared

4. You can be more involved in decisions about your care to support your health and well-being

5. Healthcare professionals have the correct and most up to date information in real time

6. Healthcare professionals know your personal choices for managing your health and well being

7. Sharing personal information helps multidisciplinary teams to co-ordinate your care to provide you with services agreed in your care plan

Published 387 days ago

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