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The Redcliffe Surgery , 10 Redcliffe Street , London , SW10 9DT
Telephone: 020 7460 2222
Fax: 020 7460 0116


  How to get your results


If you have a mobile phone number recorded on our computer system, we are now able to text you when your results have been recieved and what action we wish you to take. You will receive a brief text message advising you if your tests are normal or satisfactory or if you should telephone the surgery to discuss the result with a doctor or if you should book to discuss the result in person with a doctor. Please do not be alarmed if you receive a message asking you to see a doctor to discuss a result, as the doctor may just feel it easier to discuss more complicated results face to face rather than by telephone!

If you do not have a mobile phone then please ring between 14:00pm and 17:00pm  and we will let you know what the doctor has said about your results.

Alternatively you can email us for your results and any doctor’s comments at or contact us via the Contact Us box on the home page and select the results option from the drop-down box.

Please make sure to include the type of test and approximate date of the test in your email. Most results take 7-10 days to be fully returned to us. If they haven’t been received after this time we will chase the laboratory and the result should be available the next day. Certain results can take longer to process and the doctor will make you aware of this when sending you for the test. If you wish to have further information regarding your results you will need to book a “teleconsult” phone appointment with a doctor unless the doctor has indicated otherwise. If required we will print out a copy of your latest result for you.  If you require more than just a simple test result you will need to follow the same steps as when requesting copies of your notes (see below) and there may be a charge.


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